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  Friends of Western Duluth Parks & Trails Vision  

The primary purpose of this trail is to connect the existing State Munger Trailhead with the Lakewalk. After much study and discussion of the alternate routes as placed on the map, we saw that no one route served all recreation, transportation, and connectivity purposes. We have concluded that we have three trail needs:  


  1. Transportation trail which connects the two ends of the city and ultimately connects two State Trails, Munger and Gitchi-Gami Trail  

  2. Complete Streets providing transportation options such as going to and from work, school, shopping, dining, etc.

  3. Spur connections to places of interest such as schools, trails, parks, and attractions.


Connecting the Munger Trail to the Lakewalk with the most direct route will enable folks from the far western Duluth neighborhoods, Fond du Lac, Gary-New Duluth, Morgan Park, Smithville, and  Riverside to experience a safe off-road route through the city.

The CCT with the vistas and route near the harbor on the River Route (segment 2) will provide a unique experience. The River Route will also provide access to the water that the Lincoln Park area currently does not have. Residents will enjoy access to the area that they have not had up until now. Segment 6 (Grand Ave route) from 59th Ave W and Irving Park south or Duluth west, to the Munger Trailhead, will provide connections to area places and businesses all the way to the existing Munger Trail Head.


The Concept of a Cross City Trail is that of a spine trail system that connects both ends of Duluth to two State Trail Systems – the Munger Trail to the South and the Gitchi Gammi Trail to the North.

The Cross City Trail is a spine system concept that will eventually make connections to Neighborhoods, Schools, and Parks, Business Centers – all connections possible over time and as various funding sources become available. A well-done spine concept will enable, functioning connections to it.

The other end of this trail, the Lakewalk, didn’t happen overnight. Funding had to be sought over many years to extend it and to put a bridge over the Lester River, and more money than planned was spent to put a tunnel under Highway 61. In other words, a good Cross City Trail corridor might entail some cost, but we have a precedent from work done elsewhere in the City.


Segment six is all that is left to complete the vision.  We will continue to advocate that the City complete this segment six with a commitment to the CCT mini-master plan's clear priority as the City's and the public's highest priority.

  • Will this route benefit a specific area?

  • Will this route provide the main corridor for other systems such as connectors, complete streets, or bike lanes to connect to? 

  • Is this route the main artery where other systems, over time, can connect to it making it an essential part of a larger network?

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