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Who Are We

It is our mission to generate and facilitate respectful conversation to monitor and advance positive development of the St. Louis River corridor parks and trails with the overall goal of benefiting the city of Duluth as a whole.


Friends of Western Duluth Parks & Trails is a group of citizens from across the city of Duluth that got together under the River Corridor Coalition. When that coalition dis-banned the Parks & Trails committee continued on under our new name.


We have been working on many projects within the western side of Duluth after the 1/2 & 1/2 tourist tax was extended.  The main trail projects are the Cross City Trail and the extension of the Western Waterfront Trail.


For the Cross City Trail our goal has been to find the best route to connect the existing Munger Trail Head to the existing terminus of the CCT at Carlton Ave.  This will provide the ultimate goal of connecting two State Trail systems through the City, Munger and Gitchi-Gami.

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