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October 17-23, 2020 

Walk, Roll, or Bike the River Route

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Enter your River route experience photo to win

October 17 thru 23, 2020 the Friends of Western Duluth Parks & Trails along with We Walk in Duluth, Duluth Bikes, and the Zeitgeist invite you to join in a COVID-19 sensitive introduction to experience the recently completed “Cross City Trail’s River Route” during the Zeitgeist's October's Bus, Bike, Walk many events.

River Route extends the CCT from Carlton Ave into Spirit Valley's Irving Park, a 2.4 mile section.

This event is part of Zeitgeist's Bus Bike Walk Month; find more information and activities on the Zeitgeist Community Facebook page 
Consider a donation to the Zeitgeist and help support all the good work they do for our communities.
Donate link here

Win prizes from businesses that generously donated many gifts. Submit a photo of your experience during the week to enter the prize drawing. So if it's raining one day you can try it another and still participate.

We hope you enjoyed your ride.  If you would like to get updates on what the FWDPT is up to or to receive our monthly agenda please submit your information at the bottom of this page. 

  1. One photo per email address for a chance to win a prize. Uploads from Oct 17 through the 23rd will be eligible.

  2. Please enter your name and email address so we can contact you only if you win.

  3. Check the box if you are OK with giving us permission to use your photo publicly here on our site and a followup post on Facebook

  4. Click on the SUBMIT button and wait for the verification to appear, it will take a few moments depending on the size of the photo.

  5. The deadline to enter is Oct 23, 2020.

  6. Prize drawings will be on Oct 24th.  We will notify you via email and make arrangements to get your prize to you. Winners will be listed here and on the Facebook event page as well

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Trail progress updates and our current work to assure the trail is built to its full potential:

  • Segment 2 (The River Route) is ready to use.  See this link for photos.

  • The River Route is on schedule to be built yet this year with a completion goal of August 2020.  On this site's interactive map it's seg 2-4 and segment 2 on the City's master plan (confusing, for sure).

  • The City Council approved the $1.9M construction contract for the River Route (seg 2-4 on our interactive map and videos) on January 13, 2020.  This is wonderful news.  This segment will extend the existing terminus at Carlton Ave into Irving Park, the heart of West Duluth.

  • The City was awarded Transportation Alternative funding for segment 3 from Irving Park to the Fairmont Trail above Grand Ave and Keene Creek Park.  The trail within the park is complete, late fall of 2020.

  • We are currently working with a coalition of groups and the City on segment 6 to assure the City is doing all it can to secure the alignment. This is the CCT's mini-master plan's top priority, from 59th Ave W to the Munger Trail Head following the abandoned BN railway to Raleigh St then along the old railway to Munger Trailhead. BN Railroad has not given the City permission yet, we are hopeful that they will.  If this is not possible there are other routes yet they are not as direct as the BN route. The main goal is to secure the alignment south of the BN tracks so the trail can reach the BN tracks.  If we can not use the BN right of way we can then take alternate routes.


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Interactive Map with Videos and stills

Click on the Map


Visit the 7 segments page.  Starting at Wade Stadium area heading west along the entire route to the existing Munger Trail Head


Friends of Western Duluth Parks & Trails (formally River Corridor Coalition (RCC), Trails/Parks Committee) has been working on parks and trails topics for the past five years. Our goal for the Cross City Trail has been to find the best route to connect the existing Munger Trail Head at Pulaski St to the existing terminus at Carlton Ave and the Lakewalk Trail.  This is a regionally significant trail connection, connecting two great State Trails, the Munger Trail and Gitchi-Gami Trail.  When all complete you can go from Hinckley MN to the Canadian border.


Segment 6 is the priority for the Cross City Trail. With segment 2 being constructed we need to turn to segment 6 and have resources dedicated to completing this segment so the CCT will happen.  The other segments in the CCT plan are nice from a spurs perspective but without segment 6 completed the CCT is not complete. 

Check out the Our Vision page for more details.

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